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September 19th, 2017, 6:23 pm


15,000+ views!

Aaaa thank you so much all of you wonderful people out there! After over a YEAR here on Smackjeeves KH:GS has finally hit 15,000 views and it's astounding...astonishing...astoundishing!

So...some exciting news: KH:GS is in the process of reboot! Right now, the story is suffering a bit because it had to be written while comics were being made, and that messed with the continuity and feel that the team had in mind. So, as the story is being rewritten now, a whole 'nother comic will be around the corner! Plus, I'm going to be slowly working on some more original projects for the future.

You can always support me on Patreon ( or Redbubble ( or even just by commenting! It means the world to all of us that people like this ol' comic XP

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